Custom printed Sports and Societies hoodies for University clubs

University sports and societies are something we have a personal soft spot for. While at our time at university we were very involved with many of the clubs and are still heaverly involved with many of the university society hoodies. We call offer all clubs and societies a custom design service to help create a brand identity for member to be a part of. We design and print tour hoodies and merchandise to make it a trip to remember. Having the best club apparel is essential and our club hoodies will 100% help you to achieve that. Society hoodies help to bring a club together and show pride in what you do. We can create custom sports hoodies with personalized names and number printed on for competing. If you bring us your ideas we will make it a reality. So for Seasonaire hoodies, society hoodies and general club apparel get in contact with You’re Hooked for someone you can trust.

What we do:

Vinyl Printing

This is used to print simple solid colour designs on a low runs. It also allows more flexibility when personalising a design by adding names and numbers. Its a very durable printing process and has great results.

Screen Printing

If you want large runs and complex detail then this is the print for you. Would can mix almost any colour to print using this process but on back garments a base layer is required to make the design stand out.

DTG Printing

This process can produce full colour digital prints on low runs. DTG is one of the more expensive printing processes but if you only need a few it will be perfect for your job.


This process can help to create an element of professionalism for your clothing. It can be used for both big and small jobs and always has fantastic results. This is costed up through a stitch count that is taked from your design.

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