Home Sweet Home!

Posted by: Lewis
On: September 13th, 2013

Desk DisplayYou’re Hooked began as a classic bedroom business run from a small flat in Huddersfield whilst studying at University. This had its benefits as you could just jump straight out of bed throw on a onesie and start t-shirt printing without ever being late for work. As our passion for custom t-shirt printing grew so did our clients. This meant our rooms started to look like cardboard fortresses as the jobs grew! So when we finished University we both decided that the time had come to move You’re Hooked to our first ever unit!

After a few hard weeks of searching we finally found the prefect place that You’re Hooked can now call home! We choose an Old Mill in Burnley our hometown that had originally been used to manufacture fabric when the textile industry was ripe in Lancashire. It needed a lot of work doing but we both had some exciting plan for our new HQ of custom t-shirt printing UK. So we decided to brainstorm Ideas to see what we could come up with. A few things on the list were a hot tube, bubble machines and lazer beam challenge! All reasonable requests in our eyes! Yeah all them things would make it AWESOME!! But we felt it might not help us make a t-shirt to the amazing standards were use to. When we finally came back down to earth we realise what we really wanted was the comfort of our bedroom business but on a larger scale! Now we have a perfect home for our online t-shirt printing orders to grow that we never want to leave!  So if you’re running a bedroom business and wondering what your office will be like when you get it just think! Exactly like this but bigger!

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